brooklyn follies, the story of the doll

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paul auster, 2005

a pagina 153 (a metà della storia)

nathan racconta al nipote tom una storia su kafka.

“Every afternoon, Kafka goes out for a walk in the park.  More often than not, Dora goes with him. One day, they run into a little girl in tears, sobbing her heart out.  Kafka asks her what’s wrong, and she tells him that she’s lost her doll. He immediately starts inventing a story to explain what happened. ‘Your doll has gone off on a trip’. He says. ‘How do you know that?’  the girl asks.  ‘Because she’s written me a letter, ‘ Kafka says. The girl seems suspicious. ‘Do you have it on you’?  she asks. ‘No, I’m sorry’, he says,  ‘I left it at home by mistake, but I’ll bring with me tomorrow.’ He’s  so convincing, the girl doesn’ t know  what to think anymore. Can it be possible that this mysterious man is telling the truth?’

“Kafka goes straight home to write the letter. He sits down at his desk, and as Dora watches  him write, she notices the same seriousness and tension he displays when composing his own work. He isn’t about to cheat the little girl. This is a real literary labor, and he’s determined to get it right. If he can come up with a beautiful and persuasive lie, it will supplant the girl’s loss with a different reality – a false one, maybe, but something true and believable according to the laws of fiction.

“The next day Kafka rushes back to the park with the letter. The little girl is waiting for him, and since she hasn’t learned how to read yet, he reads the letter out loud for her.  The doll is very sorry, but she’s grown tired of livin g with the same people all the time. She needs to get out and see the world, to make new friends. It is not that she doen’t love the little girl, but she longs  for a change of scenery, and therefore they must separate for a while. The doll then promises to write the girl  every day and keep her abreast of her activities.”

Auster prosegue dicendo che Kafka continuò a scrivere ogni giorno una lettera e a leggerla alla bambina,  raccontandole una serie di vicende sulla bambola fino al matrimonio della bambola stessa, scrivendo, così,  un epilogo per la storia.

[…] And then, in the last line, the doll bids farewell to her old and beloved friend.[…]

“By that point, of course, the girl no longer misses the doll. Kafka has given her something else instead, and by the time those three weeks are up, the letters have cured her of her unhappiness.  She has the story,  and when a person is lucky enough to live inside  a story, to live inside an imaginary world,  the pains of this world disappear. For as long as the story goes on, the reality no longer exists.”

Non è un romanzo eccezionale, la storia di nathan e del nipote si snoda in modo molto semplice, raccoglie lungo il suo percorso altri personaggi e convoglia le loro vicende personali verso una conclusione inaspettata.  Non è il finale di La versione di Barney, ma certamente la conclusione è inaspettata.

La scrittura di auster fluisce chiara e coinvolgente e insieme a  questa storia della bambola di kafka ne fa un libro che vale la pena di leggere.

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non soltanto multisale

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European cinema plays an important role in shaping European identities,”     said a European Commission proposal released Friday. “One of the    challenges will be to maintain cinemas in spite of the entry barrier  represented by the high costs of digital equipment that threatens the  existence of a number of European cinemas,” it added. Though the new  technology slices distribution and production costs — digital films are 10  times cheaper to make than 35 mm — the initial investment to convert  equipment can be enormous, a new digital projector and server amounting  to around 75,000 euros (100,000 dollars).

“We have to support this shift,” culture chief Androulla Vassiliou said at a news conference.

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sotto la pioggia

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nathan a coney island

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that’s what friends are for

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don’t panic

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don’t panic, cold play

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don’t panic

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these are the days of our lives

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